Talks and Training

My talks and training sessions are designed to inspire new levels of thinking and success. I help your group to transform their thinking so that they can transform their results. How do I do that? By engaging your group and proving to them that no one really knows what’s impossible. I demonstrate that we are capable of achieving more than we think we can and it is self-limiting beliefs that hold us back.

I customise my talks to your vision. So if you have a vision that you want to share with your shareholders, employees, families or partners, I will work with you to discern and deliver what you need in the most engaging and memorable ways possible.

What makes Simon’s programs unique is that he uses demonstrations of the power of the mind to convey empowering messages that will amaze and inspire your group. Simon’s programs are both captivating and empowering.

Chief benefits of Simon’s programs:

  • Audiences experience something first-hand they’ve likely never seen before.
  • Happy inspired guests, leaders, and employees
  • New insights into the power of the mind
  • Renewed motivation
  • Lots of laughs; unforgettable experience
  • Boost company morale, relieve stress, use as an icebreaker to help guests/clients/personnel come together to talk about what they’ve experienced and other pertinent matters
  • Audiences learn how to use their minds to manifest their destinies
  • Audiences feel appreciated: you’ve gone to the effort to provide world-class entertainment/training/information.
  • Sophisticated and fascinating, all guests are treated with utmost respect
  • Customizable programs and training
  • Establish the theme of a conference and motivate people by providing an exciting opening keynote program.
  • Leave participants in a positive frame of mind and feeling good by providing a motivational closing plenary session.
  • Improve productivity of employees by providing half- and full-day seminars on presentation skills, teamwork, change, creativity, and communication.

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I will always deliver your message and training in engaging, interactive, memorable ways so your audiences will remember—and retain with a smile—everything you consider important for as long as memory serves.

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