Sales Secrets of a Magician

A playful title but a serious subject.

To begin with, I will show you some of the psychology and strategies that magicians employ, and what they tell us about the human mind and the choices people make.

I will then show how you can use this knowledge to increase your sales and strengthen your customer relationships.

This is not about teaching magic tricks. It is about the psychology of selling and the art of understanding the difference between ‘I want’ and ‘I choose’. Just as a magician can always guess which card you’ll choose, you can learn how to ensure what customers want is what you sell.

It’s also about how to make an amazing first impression, how to read people and engage with the consumer’s belief and perception about value.

Key Elements Include:

  • How to sell without looking like you’re selling — and shape the customer’s buying preferences.
  • Psychological strategies to build rapid rapport with clients.
  • The fascinating psychology of misdirection and its application to business.

Practical Business Benefits:

  • Greater motivation and the confidence to succeed and to sell.
  • Better customer and client relationships.
  • Increased sales and healthier revenue.

Who is it for?

This presentation is ideal for companies, sales people and business owners who want to communicate, sell and get inside the mind of the consumer.


The ideal duration is about an hour, but I can tailor this presentation to suit your specific schedule and requirements.

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